This page describes the major changes inside Open/R including:

  • New feature support being added

  • Feature support being dropped

  • Non backward-compatible changes in message format/CLI interface/etc.

Overview of Version Usage

Open/R use SparkHelloMsg to carry version attribute during neighbor discovery process. Upon receiving SparkHelloMsg, Spark instance from peer will compare the version received against lowestSupportedVersion configured locally. Both version and lowestSupportedVersion are of uint32_t type.

In Open/R, version will be specified according to the timestamp with granularity of day. Samples are:

  • version: 20200825

  • lowestSupportedVersion: 20200214

See for more details about neighbor discivery mechanism inside Spark.

Backward Compatibility

There are multiple aspects of backward comaptibility concern within Open/R:

  • Message exchanged between Spark instances for adjacency establishment;

  • Message exchanged between KvStore instances for data consistency globally;

  • breeze CLI interface between client and server;

  • etc.

Open/R will maintain at least 6 months of backward compatible version with regarding to messgaes between Spark neighbor and KvStore peers. This is to make sure core functionality of Open/R can be fulfilled without interruption.

Version History

  • Version 20200825

    • Platform publisher service with ZMQ PUB/SUB deprecated

  • Version 20200801

    • System service deprecated

  • Version 20200701

    • Area feature becomes mandatory

  • Version 20200604

    • Old Spark feature deprecated

  • Version 20200421

    • Spark AREA feature support

  • Version 20191010

    • Spark2 feature support

  • Version 20190805

    • Per prefix key feature support